For Women Entrepreneurs That Want To Be 50% More Productive in 21 Days

During our 21-days together you will set and then accomplish one big professional goal and one small personal goal. Along the way you’ll learn exactly what you need to be your most productive self with step-by-step instructions for time, energy and productivity hacks. I’ll hold your hand through the process and support you reaching your goals through weekly live office hours. I believe you learn and create new habits by doing. You’ll be putting everything into action with your own goals.


  • Choose and Set Effective Goals
  • Feel less Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Ineffective.
  • Have More Clarity, Energy and Productive Results.
  • Overcome "Shiny Object Syndrome"
  • Stop Procrastinating and Start Finishing Things on Your To-Do List
  • Use The Single Most Powerful Productivity Tool Only Women Have Access To (It’s an untapped superpower!)
  • Remove the 7 Most Sneaky Productivity Blocks (These cause burnout and can kill your business!)
  • Tap Into Your 7 Most Valuable Productivity Boosts
  • Start Your Day Fully Energized With Total Clarity On Your Next Steps
  • Stay Energized To Follow Through
  • Put 7 Time Hacks into Action So You’ll have 1-2 more hours in your day. (Including how to not get aimlessly sucked into social media and why you don’t have to give it up!)
  • Shift from "Analysis Paralysis" to "Rapid Decision Making"
  • Create Your Own Personal Productivity Road Map so You Can Re-create It Any Time You Want
  • Be More Productive In Business And More Fulfilled in Your Personal Life (We all want and deserve more balance!)
  • Tap Into The Collective Energy Of Other Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs To Boost Your Success

Your Instructor

Shelley Hayden
Shelley Hayden

Hello, I’m Shelley! Over the course of running 3 different businesses over the last 20 years, I’ve been down the burnout road twice and discovered the secrets to abundant energy flow and productivity on fire. I move mountains and it doesn’t drain me or leave me feeling exhausted like it used to. It’s my passion to show you exactly how to break up with the exhaustion of hustle and fall in love with the abundance of productive energy in flow. When I’m not spending time in Baja, Mexico starting my days swimming in the Sea of Cortez, I’m at home in the SF Bay Area hiking in the Redwoods. Let’s get energized!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts Monday November 20, 2017 with Prep Week. The Flow Course Curriculum begins on Monday November 27, 2017 and runs through Sunday December 17, 2017.
How long do I have access to the course?
Beta Testers have access to the course until December 17, 2017.
What is required of me to be a beta tester?
I will provide the course as if you're paying the full value of $997, if you'll provide feedback weekly through surveys. I'll expect you to attend or listen to one office hours recording a week and keep up with your take action assignments. The entire program is meant to get you more productive, less overwhelmed and accomplish 2 goals - 1 professional and 1 personal during the course.

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